About – Tahseenation (Tahsin N Rakib)


People make videos!! Some make you laugh, some make you conscious and then there’s some which make you cry. Whatever the videos are made for, each of them requires tremendous effort. Similarly, TahseeNation is a platform created by Tahsin N Rakib mainly for producing videos which can connect to people solely. His sole intention is to keep the “Nation” entertained and aware . If at the end of the day, his videos can make at least one of you smile and aware you from the bad guys of the society, that’s a huge achievement for him. Tahsin N Rakib AKA TahseeNation is an actor. Moreover he makes videos on social awareness, pranks, music videos, and vlogs. TahseeNation is also known as the father of Roasting genre in Bangladesh.Tahsin was born and raised in Bangladesh but currently living in USA with his full family. Also beside making videos TahseeNation is a singer and musician. He is the owner of HTM Records, a famous Record Label of Bangladesh.