Roasted – Tahseenation (Tahsin N Rakib)


Tahseenation (Tahsin N Rakib)

Watch Video 1 Tahseenation (Tahsin N Rakib) Sep 25, 2018 – This is a travel vlog I wanted to share with you all! I know it’s not a typical TahseeNation type video but I…

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Motivation or Business?? – TahseeNation

This is the hidden truth behind the motivational seminars of Bangladesh. We need to stop this as soon as possible. Young generation should use their brain rather than seeking motivation! Shukhon was born in a…

Journalism or Harassment?? – TahseeNation

In this video I tried to show the yellow journalism of Bangladesh. Some illiterate journalists of Bangladesh taking journalism to next level. Watch this video to see their stupidity.