CO-CURRICULAR – Tahseenation (Tahsin N Rakib)


Co-Curricular Activities.

Content Creation: I am a video content creator. My YouTube channel has 400k+ subscribers and it’s growing really fast. It’s a technology based channel where I mainly focus on tutorials. My mission is to help people to become IT expert. You can have a look at my channel: Click Here.

Blogging: I love blogging. I used to read online blogs a lot. I have started blogging from 2012. I have more than one hundred articles published online.

Singing: I have a separate YouTube channel for my songs. I have performed on many of my school and college programs. I can play the guitar as well. You can visit my channel if you are interested. Click Here.

Event Management: I have arranged several events and managed them very successfully. I have got appreciation from everyone for managing my cousins’ marriage ceremony. I really enjoy managing people and events.