Motivation or Business?? – TahseeNation – Tahseenation (Tahsin N Rakib)

Motivation or Business?? – TahseeNation

This is the hidden truth behind the motivational seminars of Bangladesh. We need to stop this as soon as possible. Young generation should use their brain rather than seeking motivation!

Shukhon was born in a lower-middle-class family in Brahmanbaria, Bangladesh. His father was a Sainik in Bangladesh Army. Due to the poor condition of his family, he and his 4 brothers had to lead an underprivileged life in childhood. Soon he realized that to change his condition, only education can help him. After passing his HSC from Adamjee Cantonment Public School & College he studied very well and got into Bangladesh Naval Academy, started working as Lieutenant in 2000. After working as Navy officer, he thought he would be more comfortable in the private sector. He left the Navy and went to Dhaka with no money. Again started studying very hard got into MBA of renowned business school Institute of Business Administration, University of Dhaka. After doing MBA, he got a chance to work with British American Tobacco. After few years of working there later on worked as Head of Marketing Research at Banglalink, Head of Marketing at Elite Mobile,[6] Head of Business at Lamar Smart Solutions[7], Head of Marketing at aamra Networks Ltd. Now he is working as Head of Strategic Project at aamra Networks Ltd.[8] During his diverse career tenure, he learned how to deal with life, thus he started speaking to youths about the dos and don’ts of life. He started vlogging first time in Bangladesh, spoke about the recent issues using Facebook & YouTube. Then soon after he started using Facebook Live to talk about life.[2][9] He is also one of the first few standup comedian but left doing this in few years. Because of video blogs, he started getting popular, thus universities and different seminar organizers started inviting him for motivational speeches.[10][1] Soon after appearing in different events, he became known as motivational speaker in Bangladesh, which made him first motivational speaker in Bangladesh. He has millions of fans on Facebook and YouTube

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